Monday, November 2, 2015

It is easy to make up a list of all the people you need to buy Christmas gifts for. But figuring out what to buy each person isn’t quite as simple.

You may already have a few ideas of great gifts for your kids or your spouse, but what about the rest of the family or your friends? If you are still looking for a few ideas, I have come up with a list of 10 gift ideas broken down by person. There is just one gift idea per person but you can find many more ideas my visiting my expanded list of most popular gifts on my Facebook page.

My Top Christmas Gift Ideas for 2015:

For Men
Every man loves his television so how about buying him the Apple TV. Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t an actual television set but a streaming player. This little gadget hooks up to any TV and allows streaming of online content and subscriptions like movies from iTunes or Netflix. Very cool.

For Women
I’ll admit, women can be a little tough to buy for as every woman has her own tastes. But my general pick for a woman’s gift this year is a perfume called Lovely. It is not a new scent, but it is well-rated and pretty affordable. If you would prefer a perfume that is newly released (but more expensive), check out Wonderstruck.

For Toddlers
For a toddler I am going to suggest a bath toy like the Edushape Floating Blocks. Almost every toddler loves to play in the bathtub and these toys will get used not only frequently, but likely for many years. Any parent with a toddler knows you can quickly become over run with toys at Christmastime, but these bath toys are something a little different which is nice.

For Preschoolers
The hot gift for preschoolers this year is the LeapPad Learning Tablet. This educational toy from LeapFrog was recently released which is one of the reasons it will be a top seller this Christmas. The Learning Tablet looks much like an adult tablet (iPad) and runs apps that assist with reading and other learning functions.

For Children
This is a catch-all category for kids who aren’t toddlers and aren’t teenagers – I’ll let you figure out exactly where to draw that line. For such a general category I would suggest a board game like the new Angry Birds Knock on Wood game. The manufacturer’s suggested age is 5 years and up. This looks like a fun game based on the wildly popular app game Angry Birds.

For Teenagers
For a teenager I am going to suggest the Kindle Touch which is new this year. And since Amazon has expanded their Kindle line they have also reduced the prices. You can get a Kindle Touch for as low as $99. Hopefully having a cool little device will encourage reading and features like a dictionary could come in very handy.

For College Students
For a college student I would suggest going simple and picking up an Amazon gift card. They can use it to buy textbooks or anything else they might need for school. If you have a big budget then the Kindle Fire is certainly worth considering for a student.

For Coworkers
I personally like gag gifts for coworkers because most working stiffs could use a few laughs. A coffee mug with a funny quote is a good idea. But if you are looking for something a bit more generic take a look at a page-a-day calendar that can be used at work. Trivia or joke calendars can provide a little entertainment for the whole office year round.

For Mom
For moms, I would suggest a digital frame pre-loaded with some family pictures. These come in different sizes and styles and are an easy way to keep updated photos showing. If mom is a bit technologically challenged, be prepared for a quick starter course.

For Dad
For a dad I would recommend some type of weather station device. These little gadgets let you monitor the temperature, humidity and even barometric pressure outside without even opening the door. There are a variety of these available and some are even combined into an alarm clock. Don’t ask me why, but dads seem to like this stuff.

That is it – 10 gift ideas for 10 people. Hopefully this will help you fill out that shopping list, but for more ideas see my expanded list that is linked to above.